Today I got some wire to enable port 1 & 2 and 7 & 8 on my RC2014. I wanted to do this before my official wooden case arrived as I didn’t want to be pulling it apart once I got it in there.

So I started soldering away, and then clipping the extra bits off (which you probably should really wear protective eye wear while doing.) All seemed to go okay. I used my solder sucker for the first time as a couple of times I bridged gaps.

Anyway, I plugged it back in, and…. gibberish. Oh no!

So I inspected the board and noticed I had damaged one of the data tracks, must have been when I was clipping.

I used a bit of wire to bridge the damage tracks.

Dodgy Repair Job

After a few false starts. (I plugged in the clock module wrong) It works again. Phew.