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Been a While

By apam |  Apr 10, 2020  | website, rc2014, retro-computer, z80, z88dk, cp/m

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, I took a bit of a break from the RC2014 based stuff as I didn’t really have any space to work on stuff. Now I do and I’m back in business :)

I built the SC104 (Z80 SIO/2 Serial module), an SC105 (Backplane) and started on an SC108 Z80 CPU/ROM/RAM card. I’ve also put together 2 more Compact Flash cards, and have ordered parts for a VGA Serial Terminal and a WiFi / ESP8266 Module.

The plan is to use these parts to build a third Z80 computer that will be able to run CP/M and connect to bulletin board systems. Whether it will work or not is another story. The compact flash modules both work, the SIO/2 module works (though I only tested the first port), the CPU card I was missing a capacitor so am waiting on that to be delivered before I can finish it and test it.

The VGA Serial Terminal I am waiting on parts for, and the WiFi / ESP8266 module, I’m waiting on everything. Unfortunatly Tindie had sold out of the WiFi module, so I have attempted to recreate it on EasyEDA and have ordered boards. Who knows if it will work! At least it will give me something to play with while I wait for the module to be restocked.

I’ve also written a game “Robot Chase” for CP/M which runs on my SC114, and should run on any RC2014 that can run CP/M. It’s based on a BASIC game in the book More BASIC Computer Games by David Ahl. You can download it here.

New Projects

By apam |  Jul 31, 2019  | rc2014, retro-computer, z80, z88dk

I’ve spent the last few days learning z88dk and deciding what to build next.

With z88dk I can build C programs for my RC2014, I’ve started building a little library to work with the display using ANSI codes, as it seems like the conio stuff isn’t supported on the RC2014. Then I plan on trying to write some games. I’m not sure how I’ll go as I’ve never had only 32k of RAM before!

At present I can test my programs using my RC2014, via the hexload BASIC program (It loads binary programs and jumps to them), but I’d like to be able to save them and have a disk to work with. So, my next project is to get CP/M going.

To do this, I’m planning on building Stephen Cousins’ SC114 and Karl Brokstad’s 61c “The Missing Module”. I got the board for the 61c from ebay, and decided to source the parts myself this time instead of buying kits on Tindie.

So, now it’s waiting for all my parcels to arrive 🙂