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By apam |  Aug 5, 2020  | bbs, magicka, titan, titanmail

A week or so ago I shutdown my website, and my happyland bbs. I had decided I needed a break from BBSing, and be a user for a little while, work on other things etc.

What did I do? I wrote a QWK mail reader Titan Mail and worked on my “Titan” BBS code. The QWK mail reader works ok, and I’m pretty happy with it (though I’d like to be able to toggle empty groups). Titan BBS was a lot worse than what I remember it being.

I set up a new BBS called “Wunderlust” and it is running at home, it’s running Titan on openSUSE on an x86_64 machine. Wunderlust is not connected to any networks at present, the only network I’m really interested in these days, the coordinator is a little busy with life, so I don’t want to hassle him until things settle there.

I’ve not pushed my changes to gitlab, I suspect I’m going to fork my project and call it Titan 2 and dump the windows support. I may or may not release the source to this fork (I won’t be releasing any binaries, and even if I did, it’s my project so there).

Wunderlust is located here you can connect from the JavaScript terminal on the web page or use Syncterm etc. I want to add a few more message areas, and some files to download and maybe a couple more doors, but it’s up and running now.

As for taking a break, I’m just re-prioritizing I suppose, I’m still fixing bugs in Magicka (fixed one yesterday infact) just not pushing it.