Today I built 2 modules, The Pi Zero Terminal module, which allows me to use the RC2014 without a computer (well it uses a Raspberry Pi Zero, so still uses a computer I suppose).

It worked, but the mini OS on the SD-Card (for the zero) was compiled for use with a UK keyboard. Luckily the source is available online, so I could compile it with US keyboard support.

Pi Zero Terminal

I noticed I had a spare 40-pin header left over from the Pi Zero kit, and the missing module was missing headers (still waiting on them) so I decided to break it up and build this module.

It worked first go which I was pleased about. By worked, I mean booted CP/M just fine, however the RX and TX LEDs (The yellow and red LEDs) don’t seem to light up. Not sure if I have wired them incorrectly or if I’m not transmitting / receiving enough in my tests to get them to light up long enough to see.

The Missing Module

So what’s next? Well, I still haven’t gotten to my goal of connecting to a BBS with my Z80 computer, that’s going to require two serial ports, and some kind of wifi modem. So the next project will be to build a SIO/2 dual serial port module, a baseboard that can fit it and a new Z80 CPU module.

I have a few baseboards I bought on eBay, and am getting the CPU / RAM / ROM module and SIO/2 module printed. It’s mostly waiting for the parts to arrive now, and some I am yet to order.