I just finished my second knock off of the official RC2014 ESP8266 module, and finally it works!

The first go, I had the wrong voltage regulator so the ESP module wasn’t receiving 3.3 volts. It was only getting 1.2 volts or something, so the whole thing didn’t work. There was also some tweaks to make to the first version of my PCB (the capacitor footprints were too small and I had the RX2-RX1 selection jumper thing around the wrong way).

So I ordered the correct voltage regulators and some new refined PCBs, and soldered it together.

The first thing I saw when I plugged in my programmer was the ESP module’s light blink, which meant it was powered up - I didn’t get that before. Next I programmed it with Zimodem, and fired it up and it just printed garbage on the screen.

So back to the code, there were a few tweaks I had to do.. but my Arduino IDE had stopped working. For whatever reason, 1.8.12 no matter which computer I tried wouldn’t work anymore with the ESP board definitions installed. Eventually I tried a nightly build and that worked, so on to the tweaks.

I needed to turn off “RS232_INVERTED” change the default BAUD to 115200 and add a delay to the serial port writing (ATS44=1)

After that it worked like a charm and I can dial out to my BBS … WITHOUT WIRES!!