The capacitor I was missing for the SC108 arrived today (amoung other things), so I finished that. First try it didn’t work properly. CP/M wouldn’t load off the compact flash card, yet BASIC worked, the Small Computer Monitor worked, but loading CP/M caused it to freeze.

It must have been some dodgy soldering, because after resoldering some of it and trying again, it worked.

So here it is, small computer no 3. It consists of an SC108 CPU/ROM/RAM card, an SC104 SIO/2 Dual Serial Card, and Karlab 10e storage module (with a 128Mb Compact Flash Card)

Computer No. 3

There’s a few more things I want to do with this computer, I want to build the ESP32 module and load it with ZiModem so I can call out to BBSes. I’d also like to be able to attach a monitor / keyboard but we’ll see.