It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, I took a bit of a break from the RC2014 based stuff as I didn’t really have any space to work on stuff. Now I do and I’m back in business :)

I built the SC104 (Z80 SIO/2 Serial module), an SC105 (Backplane) and started on an SC108 Z80 CPU/ROM/RAM card. I’ve also put together 2 more Compact Flash cards, and have ordered parts for a VGA Serial Terminal and a WiFi / ESP8266 Module.

The plan is to use these parts to build a third Z80 computer that will be able to run CP/M and connect to bulletin board systems. Whether it will work or not is another story. The compact flash modules both work, the SIO/2 module works (though I only tested the first port), the CPU card I was missing a capacitor so am waiting on that to be delivered before I can finish it and test it.

The VGA Serial Terminal I am waiting on parts for, and the WiFi / ESP8266 module, I’m waiting on everything. Unfortunatly Tindie had sold out of the WiFi module, so I have attempted to recreate it on EasyEDA and have ordered boards. Who knows if it will work! At least it will give me something to play with while I wait for the module to be restocked.

I’ve also written a game “Robot Chase” for CP/M which runs on my SC114, and should run on any RC2014 that can run CP/M. It’s based on a BASIC game in the book More BASIC Computer Games by David Ahl. You can download it here.