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CP/M Games & Ansi Art

By apam |  Apr 23, 2020  | website, cp/m, ansi-art

I’ve added two new pages over the last few days, a page for my CP/M games for RC2014 based computers and a page with a gallery of my ANSI art.

You can see them by clicking the links in the top Nav Bar. I hope to add more games as time goes by, I plan to start by porting some of my door games, like Sudoku, Sea Battle and Mastermind.

My Wiki

By apam |  Apr 19, 2020  | website, wiki, netbsd

I shut down my Ghost BBS a few days ago, for those that don’t know, it was an Experimental BBS I had written in C++ for Windows. It worked well, and was fun but I got bored with it, and no one called it, so I just turned it off.

In it’s place I installed NetBSD and setup a wiki. It’s mostly just links that interest me at present, but I thought it would be a good place to store notes etc. If you want to have a look, it’s here : You can’t edit it, and there is no signup enabled. I used the domain for ghost bbs, though I should have probably changed it to something else, but now I’ve got certificates, it’s too much effort.

Oh, it’s not hosted in the cloud, rather in the garage so it may or may not be up, depending on whether there are storms, I’ve gone away etc…

Moving to Hugo

By apam |  Dec 5, 2019  | website, hugo

I’m in the process of moving this site from a site to a Hugo generated site served by my VPS. This way I can use my domain name and not have to pay extra.

So far I’ve moved all the posts over, but still have to work on the about page and door page.

I’ll try and update a bit more often, I haven’t been doing much in the RC2014 area lately, but still am plugging away on MagickaBBS and my door games.